Monday, December 17, 2007

Gadol Hador Archives By Category

Although at times irreverent, this closed blog is an excellent resource for inquiring BT's and FFB's. It covers just about every conceivable issue that a soul searching Orthodox Jew confronts when critically examining their tradition.

Nes-Nisayon / Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Nes Nisayon I
Nes Nisayon II
Nes Nisayon V2
Gottleib Endorses Gosse
Why Gosseleib Doesn't Work
Gosse Student
Pottery & Paintings by G-d
Gosse Goons

Myth Moshol Theory
When They Severed the Earth
Adam: Man or Myth?
Cassuto & Mythology
Breishis & Science
Can Torah contain Mythology?
Not in Chazal
Mythology is Aggadata
Myth/Moshol is Non Literal?
Mythology in the Torah II
Adam & Eve & Their Snake
Brisker Myth Moshol
Myth Moshol V2.0

Emunah Peshutah
Emunah Peshutah vs Chakirah Amukah
Don't Think It, Just Believe It !
New: FDA approved Emunahpeshuttia !
Avraham Avinu and Emunah Peshutta
Bored with Breishis ?
Har Sinai: A Case for Emunah Peshutah ?
Emunah Peshutah, Modern Orthodox Style
Emunahpeshuttia - Its for real !
When is emunah peshuta ok ?

The Point of Judaism
The Point of Life
The point of it All
Kindergarten Hashkafah
Sacred Cows I
Sacred Cows II
Machshavah Cholent
Dinosaurs & Dibukim
Machshavah Candy Mix
Systematic Hashkafah

The Kannoim & The Slifkin Bood Banning
Gedolim manipulated by Kannoim
The Lies of the Kanoim Exposed
The Kanoi Hador
The Kanoim Strike Again

Rabbi Aron Feldman & The Slifkin Book Banning
Rav Aharon Feldman's Letter
More of the Letter
Gedolim of Oz
Science is from Sinai
R Feldman insults Chazal
More on Rav Feldman
Move to the Right
Responses Rip R Feldman
Another Response

Rav Moshe Shapiro & Co and The Slifkin Book Banning
Kiruv Clowns
MO vs UO
Rav Mattisyahu Solomon