Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gadol Hador Archives

The following are links to the archives of a well-known and now closed blog. It covers just about every conceivable issue that an inquiring BT or FFB would think to ask. If the pursuit of truth and intellectual honesty are important to you, I would read this entire archive. I think you will enjoy what this blogger has to offer - - informative, intelligent, fascinating and witty commentary, all with brutal intellectual honesty. I recommend starting from the beginning. I would also save the html pages because the archive could be removed at any time.

Gadol Hador:January 2005
Gadol Hador:February 2005
Gadol Hador:March 2005
Gadol Hador:April 2005
Gadol Hador:May 2005
Gadol Hador:June 2005
Gadol Hador:July 2005
Gadol Hador:August 2005
Gadol Hador:September 2005
Gadol Hador:October 2005
Gadol Hador:November 2005
Gadol Hador:December 2005

Gadol Hador:January 2006
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Godal Hador:May 2006
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